Jive Pepper | Imaging Ideas


Designing images & logos to fit your brand image.

It is important that your image is respectible and impressive. However, when using numerous designers over a long period of time for different projects, your brand can become somewhat lost. At Jive Pepper we take our imaging and branding very seriously. We keep a number of factors the same no matter what we are designing, so the clients brand image and our work join together perfectly.


Our main two design areas are web/marketing imagary and logo creation. We have numerous examples of this work, which can be seen on the right. Our logo’s are designed with the intention of giving your brand the professional and recognisable look it deserves.

We can also aid you with the design of your marketing campaigns. This can include numerous designs including, mailshot designs, brochures, promotional material, event/exhibition material along with many others.


We are different to many design companies out there, as 99% of the time our work is designed in vector. This gives everything a very unique feel, giving our work a personality. While other will use vector, very few will use it for nearly all their projects.

The great advantage of having something design in vector is it’s extremely easy to scale. This means it can either go on the side of a building or as a small icon in the corner of a website.

Examples of our work are currently exclusive, and not something we are able to share. However, have a look through our website, every image you see has been designed by our design department. Interested? Use the link below.