Jive Pepper | Corporate Video Production


Years of experience bring results.

We specialise in Online & Documentary Videos. This includes tutorials, testimonials, installation guides, viral marketing, & training videos. Our work generally includes, filming/animation, voiceover & production. These all inclusive packages ensure your video gets the full treatment from both Jive Pepper & JC Productions.

James Cusack Productions is headed up by James Cusack, a director and producer who has credits including ITV’s Emmerdale and work at Warner Bros. studios in California. This type of expertise ensures that all filming and production is carried out to the highest standard. Whether you are trying to sell a product or add value to it, we can help achieve this.


James Cusack Productions are experts in both corporate video production and broadcast production. They also produce audio imaging and commercials for the media industry.

The founder James Cusack has credits to his name with ITV’s Emmerdale and Warner Bros. Studio’s. He is also a professional voiceover and radio presenter with the Capital FM network. Other credits to his name include work at BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM and the Galaxy FM network.


Below are two examples of recent work carried out by ourselves & JC Productions. The first is an installation tutorial for the UK based company Secure Power. This short video is a perfect example of how you can add value to a product, easily, and at an affordable rate.

The second case study is a video shot overseas, with the production work carried out by JC Productions. It shows a completely different side of our producing.